#28 Daetrich Harrington
Douglasville, Georgia Alexander High School
Sophomore Season Football Highlights
Class of 2017

Latest News on Daetrich Harrington

March 4, 2016: Daetrich picks up early offers from Georgia State and Miami (OH).

Daetrich Harrington: One to Watch

Potential—lots of potential—is what firstly comes to mind when I view Daetrich Harrington on film. This class of 2017 prospect possesses the kind of athletic skills you just can't teach. His ability to see the field and accelerate quickly to space and through it, along with his solid 6'0" 180-pound-plus frame is what makes Harrington such an intriguing prospect.

At this stage in the recruiting cycle it’s hard to tell at what position Harrington will ultimately make a name for himself at the college level. But more than likely with his gifts it will be at one of the offensive skill positions. But who knows, because Harrington has the skill sets to become an outstanding defensive back, too. I will definitely stay tuned to see this exciting young prospect mature.

Will Cummings, General Manager